Monday, June 13, 2011

Two Weeks!

Would you take a look at that? I predicted I wouldn't make it a week and it's been two.

The last few days have been a bit tight. My wife is preparing to be sliced and diced by a surgeon on Wednesday. That's the lead story. My father's coming to visit and to keep an eye on the kids. Accordingly, the Great Interior Clean-Up has been getting a bit sidetracked in favor of the more external Great Family Visit Clean-Up.

Here's a quick recap, though, of the interior re-ordering going on, along with grades: I've been trying to work on my temperance (C-), my prayer life (A-), and working up the nerve to be a real Fiat Man and do what God asks when He asks (D+...maybe).

Before I give a crazy impression that my prayer life should be a model for anyone else's, I need to clarify that I merely remembered every day of the Pentecost novena. I've never, not once, prayed a successful novena all the way to the end. My perseverence is lacking. My memory for tasks on an agenda is notoriously poor. I was extremely pleased that I completed the novena.

On Saturday, I assisted with a youth rally, part of our Diocesan 25th Anniversary celebration. The youth rally featured Chris Padgett, who is a brilliant speaker, musician, and father of 9. We attended the same parish in Steubenville, and although he wouldn't know me from Adam, I do recall watching his family file into and ocupy an entire pew...something I hope to emulate (at my current personal growth rate, I should take up half a pew soon. The wife and kids might make the difference.



PS - I really needed to get to bed as I wrote this. At one point I fell asleep and started dreaming about buying my daughter a hampster. Then, apparently, I typed about it. I find this on my iPad screen: "I always forget. So it was an A for effort, with a minus so I get thr [sic] hampster."

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