Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I find it much easier to type things like this in a prompt-response format, so bear with me:

Name: Micah Murphy

Family: Married, two kids

Occupation: Catechist - High School Theology Teacher


Bachelor of Arts 2007 - Dual-Major in Theology & Catechetics (Latin Minor) - Franciscan University of Steubenville

Attended University of Nebraska - Lincoln (2004-2005) and Conception Seminary College (2003-2004)

Temperament: Melancholic


Theological Views:

Theologically, I find myself principally in accord with Carmelite mystical theology, traditional Biblical hermeneutics, an organic, Newmanian approach to the Deposit of Faith, and Wojtylan view of sexual ethics. In other words, I am theologically orthodox, but I prefer to speak in contemporary terms. Quite frankly, scholastic theological language confuses me, but I'm adapting.

Why I made this blog:

I keep this blog because I am far from perfect and full of pride, so I figure making a public log of my struggle for perfection (and many of my failures), perhaps I'll grow spiritually. If it can be edifying for you, even if it just keeps you from falling into the same traps, then it is well worth the effort!

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