Monday, June 6, 2011

Milestones in God's Plan

Usually, we Fiat Men are called to follow God's will in the everyday, the mundane, and the ordinary goings-on of life. Occasionally, though, we reach a milestone in God's plan.

Seven years ago, I went into the office of my vocation director and gave notice that I would be leaving formation as a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Omaha. This weekend, I was alerted by a friend to the fact that Andy Syring, a friend and classmate who was a freshman seminarian the same year I entered, was ordained on Saturday. Had I remained in the seminary, as of Saturday, I would have been Fr. Micah Murphy. It's an interesting thought. Would I have been assigned to a country parish? A city parish? A parish with a parochial school attached? A more "liberal" parish? A more "conservative" parish? Would the Archdiocese have taken advantage of my Latin skills and assigned my to St. Peter's, which is leading a revival in the Extraordinary Form?

That decision to leave seminary was one of the most monumental decisions of my life, and had I not made the correct decision, I would have chosen a fork in the road upon which I would never have met my wife, much less have had the opportunity to marry her. If I had not left the seminary, my two beautiful children would not exist today. Imagine, for a moment, the immense weight your decisions bear, even when you think they are minor decisions.

Do you want to choose your own will over God's when the lives of others may never even come into existence if you choose wrongly?

So take a minute today to think about the milestones you've passed in God's will for your life.



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